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Now what are Plus net playing at


Now what are Plus net playing at

Just got this email from Plus net

As a Broadband Premier customer, you receive a monthly peak-time usage
allowance of 15GB. This allowance ensures that everyone gets a fair share
of our network resources during peak hours (4pm - Midnight).

Your peak-time usage for this billing month* just exceeded 10GB.

Light restrictions will now apply to your connection speeds until the end
of the current billing month. We would have notified you when you reached
8GB to give you an opportunity to avoid these restrictions, however, you
had exceeded 10GB before our alert email was triggered.

My usage was
30 Mar - 29 Apr Peak Time 12.35GB Off peak 10.91GB 23.26GB

So if I am allowed 15 gig a month at peak times and only used 12 gig why are they going to restrict me? I have 3 gig spare! You can see from the total usage I am a light users as originally we were allowed 30 gig when I signed up.

If I go over 15 gig I can see I should be restricted but not when I am 3 gig under my PAID for usage. They change the usage so often we dont know if we are coming or going. I see Talk Talk are letting you download 40 gigs for half the price only £20 per month which includes you phone as well
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Now what are Plus net playing at

Because that's what it says here when you select Premier Option 1.
It doesn't make it right but thats what they are doing.
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Now what are Plus net playing at

They start restricting at 10GB (2Mbps I think) then 1Mbps at 12.5GB, cap usenet, P2P and ftp at 15GB then carry on restricting the rest of the protocols in stages up to 30GB-- it's a bloody farce!
(censored for the first time eh? Maybe the original is more acceptable-- yea verily, it's a "by our lady" farce! Better?)
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Now what are Plus net playing at

I must admit when I read this I was surprized as I thought Premier Option 1 had up to 15 GB. as indicated in this URL

It is only when you click on another link and select from a drop downlist that the small print is displayed that indicates that you start to have your bandwidth throttled at 10 GB. I do find this rather disingenuous. I am generally happy with my broadband, but I do find the obscuration of the presentation of information on the plusnet portal disappointing. For the record I am well below the 10 GB (or is it 15 GBHuh) limit, I just find this lack of clarity annoying.

It seems to be a case of if you don't know something how do you find out if the headline is dare I say "misleading".


+net quote "bandwidth restricted when you download over 10Gb during peak time useage. I have no problem with my peak time useage allowance of 15Gb - I will have to manage my downloads and review a hopefully accurate meter.
However I seriously and in princple disagree with any restriction being placed on my account whatsover whilst I am UNDER the limit imposed on me. +net might just as well state that my peak useage time is 10Gb. I am completely disenchanted with this ISP.
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Now what are Plus net playing at

Look for the other secret link, it states that you should pay all the money you bring home to plusnet and they will do what they want when they want with your money and you cannot say anything about it, has there will be another link somewhere that states that clause ....
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Now what are Plus net playing at

I must admit when I read this I was surprized as I thought Premier Option 1 had up to 15 GB. as indicated in this URL

The following link shows a different scenario for Option 1 users:

Here it appears the throttling starts at 24 GB with total throttling at 30GB.

So, PN, which one is it?

I am waiting for several answers to my queries from PN with no satisfaction yet (see my other thread).

After more than 3 years good service I am appalled at the way they now seem to be treating their customers.


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Now what are Plus net playing at

PLUSNET Shockedops: They was one of the best broadband, NOT anymore Cry they say that you will get close to 8mb it dosent even go close, and on top of that they only let you download 15gb a month "WANKERS" I will be jumping ship soon and i am still gutted that iv told peeps to join plusnet in the past.


BE There 24mbdown 1.3up onle £24

So many more offering better deals than plusnet now it's a joke.

I realy do hope plusnet go under for what they have done to there loyal customers........

Throttling - when?

I quote "Residential Broadband - sustainable peak-time usage

Product Warning email sent Restrictions applied
Option 1 24GB 30GB
Option 2 36GB 45GB
Option 3 48GB 60GB
Plus 8GB 10GB "

Were this ISP to throttle my connection if my peak time useage was below 24Gb then I will take legal action against them - the above facts are on this ISP's website. Any other (lower) throttling figures conflict with these, therefore :
1 there is no throttling policy because of this conflict of information
2 As there is conflicting information published - it has been deliberately published and therefore is deliberately misleading
3 +Net's Terms and Conditions of Trading are therefore contrary, therefore in a court would be disregarded

It is sad to see this ISP so farcicly reduced; their misinformation is now laughable if it didn't have serious implications to users.

For me this means I will immediately review alternative providers - +net are incompetant and are acting as Dodo's in their disregard of their clients.

Now what are Plus net playing at

This is the email plusnet sent me.

Your peak-time (4pm - Midnight) usage for this billing month has reached
15GB. This level of data transfer greatly exceeds the 7.5GB allowance
associated with your product.

In order to protect our network for all customers, we operate a peak-time
Sustainable Usage Policy. Your product allows for a maximum peak-time
transfer of 15GB per month. Now that you have passed this level, the
following restrictions apply at all times until your next billing date:

* Usenet, peer-to-peer and external FTP services will be blocked.
* All other Internet activities will be available at speeds up to 128Kbps.

Piss taking ####### I am paying them £24.99 a month

You can get unlimited broadband for a lot less than that. i am realy gutted i signed up to plusnet....