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Now the charges are mystifying, like the speeds


Now the charges are mystifying, like the speeds

Amid the bewildering array of improvements to my perfectly-OK-hitherto PAYG account I now see in my usage page...

"You have exceeded your allowance. Your usage has been extended by 10GB - charged at £18.00 on your next bill (£1.80 per 2GB). "

The maths don't add up (er, shouldn't the charge be 9 quid?), and there's no indication I can discern as to quite when I broke through the allowance barrier, apparently necessitating such a hefty (and costly) extension. :x

Anyone out there been here already? Consequence of the newer, less informative Usage tool? I was going to sit the 8Mb-upgrade choppiness out but now I'm thinking of pulling the plug if it's going to get into vast-overcharging territory.