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Not quite an ADSL question, but this is the best place to as


Not quite an ADSL question, but this is the best place to as

OK, I have two Toshiba laptops, both wirelessly connected to a DSL-504 access point / router.

Laptop #1, of course mine, is as slow as molasses on a cold day when browsing - we're talking 2-3 mins for Laptop #2, the missus's, is like a greyhound by comparison.

Laptop #1 has a built in Toshiba wireless card - I accidentally switched it off on Friday (the switch is easy to fiddle with when pusing books around a desk) and that of course disconnected me. It's now back on and connected, albeit slowly. That is the only recent event I can think of that may have initiated this slowdown. I don't recall installing any new software from Friday onwards - when this started - nor did I make any other hardware setting changes.

Laptop #2 has an Netgear PCMCIA card and is (and always has) runs like a dream.

I've been in communication with PN support - they admit to some ongoing ADSL issues but I'm guessing this is my end and not theirs, to be fair.

However, I've no clue where even to begin, other than like pulling out what's left of my hair.

If anyone - anyone! - can make a suggestion, I will be prepared to have your children.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Thank you.