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Non-routing router


Non-routing router

OK, I've paid the money and I have the kit but I can't make it work :-(

The problem is the config of a D-Link DSL-504 ADSL Router.
The infernal thing wants to use DHCP and I don't.

My set is this:
2 PC's and 2 Macs on a peer-to-peer 100 Base LAN connected to an 8-port 3com switch. The D-Link router is connected to the switch and I (think) I've managed to assign a unique IP address and gateway to it but there does not seem to be any way to do this manually without using DHCP.

I'm loathe to change to DHCP because the PC' s and the Macs all have static addresses, as do two networked laser printers (Xerox and a Canon CLC copier).

The router appears to work fine and I can ping it and access it's web server.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the damn thing to actually connect to Plusnet would be gratefully appreciated.

Non-routing router

I have different hardware but had similar sorts of problems. One reference I found helpful in understanding some of the issues was:

For more details see my earlier posting in this forum.

Best of luck


Non-routing router

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I have now solved the problem thanks to a very helpful guy at D-Link.

Best wishes,