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Nokia 8310 modem HELP


Nokia 8310 modem HELP

I installed nokia 8310 modem driver(nokia_8310_modem_setup.exe from on my Win2000 PRO on my laptop(via infrared port).But on the modem proporties page in control panel, the status of this modem is "NOT FUNCTIONAL", but I have already installed the driver and switched ir reciption on(Laptop and mobile).
It's the almost the same in Win98,error reported in modem diagnostic page. When I dial the ISP number from laptop,the dial tone sounds like ordinary voice call,while I dial that number on mobile, it likes data.But unable to connect.
Any one got any ideas? Thank you very much!!
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Nokia 8310 modem HELP


I have moved this topic to the relevent forum - ADSL and Broadband as this is where you are more likely to find an answer to your question.
The ideas forum is designed for ideas and suggestions on how to improve the service PlusNet provide.


Nokia 8310 modem HELP

I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but I have tried with the 8310 via InfraRed and while the phone communicates with the PC, when I try to use my plusnet free dialup account [through dialup networking] it always fails saying The Computer Did Not Respond or something. When I try using a regular modem, it dials fine.

Not sure if this helps. Oh well.


Yeah,I got exactly the same problem.Would plus net customer service tell us something?