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Noise Margin


Noise Margin

My modem on the MAX DSL is synced at 7.6mbps but when i managed to get my BT Voyager 2110 to work it is only giving stats of noise margin 6.5db and 39db line attenuation is there anything i can do to improive the Noise Margin.

My modem holds connection with a Speedtouch 330 USB but cant sync with the Voyager.
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Noise Margin

The way MaxDSL works is it tries to see what the maximum speed it can acheive but still have an SNR above 6dB. However with that low a SNR, not all modems / routers will work reliably.

There is little you can do to improve the noise margin as it is normally a result of the length and condition of your line, neither of which you can change.

If you are connected via an extension, you could try connecting to the master socket and see if that helps but that's about all you can do.

Anyway what speeds were you hoping to get as 7.6Mbs is prety much the max it will go to anyway.