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Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....


Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

Could this be the reason why my speed tests have been much slower than usual over the last few days? I've copied and pasted the info from my router properties.

Output Power (dBm) up/down = 11.0 / 19.0
Attenuation (dB) up/down = 10.0 / 20.0
Noise Margin (dB) up/down = 28.0 / 17.5

Attenuation has gone down to 20 from 19, BUT the noise margin has dropped from a steady 28.5 down to 17.5 down - which is quite a drop!

I've tried taking the phone line out of my Sky box to see if it makes a difference, but nope! :roll:

Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

What do you call slower than usual and what is usual. Those line stats should be fine for a 2meg line.


Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

Indeed. Whilst I agree they are significant drop in quality, those figure are still something to brag about.

Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

It's just that my snr margin has always been a lot higher before! :lol:

Not happy with the upload speeds at the mo, though.

Downstream 1829 Kbps (228.6 KB/sec) 1975 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 116 Kbps (14.5 KB/sec) 125 Kbps (inc. overheads) :shock:

I've got my phone line going through a surge protector, it's only been in for a week or so. I'm going to unplug it to check if it improves things. Cheesy Still miles better than the dreaded old 56 KBP dial up, though! :lol:

Thanks for replying btw. Smiley

Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

Just tried it. It made no difference, so I've put the aerial back in the surge protector. I tried taking the satellite line out again and this time my SNR had gone back up to 29! I've put it back, though, as I had the line out for ages but eventually got a letter from Sky saying that the phone line on both boxes must be plugged in at all times or our contract could be cancelled (we have Sky Multiroom).

I'll just leave it as it is. I guess my attenuation and SNR are still ideal for 8mb when it's enabled on my exchange. Smiley

Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

The fact you have found Sky to be the problem sends alarm bells ringing.

Have you got the sky box filtered?

If not, you should. If you have, are you sure the filter is OK?

If so, then Sky is the problem. Just unplug it, and let Sky moan.

IF they moan about it, plug it back in, and tell them that their equipment is intefearing with other products in your house. It can easily be argued they are at fault.

Sky boxes are kown to cause all sortsof problems with ADSL. Quite why companies are still shipping equipment that does this, i don't know.

Noise Margin Has Dropped A Lot On My Line....

Hi again, I've been doing some investigating. The bloke who re-connected the Sky phone line last Saturday (the splitter was broken) had plugged it incorrectly into the phone socket on the wall. He had plugged the micro filter into a splitter and put the splitter directly into the phone socket! I've just swapped the connection round so that the micro filter plugs directly into the phone socket instead. I have connected the splitter containing the Sky line to one half of the micro filter. Lol I'm rambling, hope you can get my drift!

Anyway, just checked my router properties and eureka!

Output Power (dBm) up/down = 10.0 / 19.0
Attenuation (dB) up/down = 10.0 / 19.0
Noise Margin (dB) up/down = 30.0 / 28.5
Vendor Id (local/remote) = ALCB / TSTC

So, all this came about because of an "expert" engineer from Sky not knowing how to connect ADSL equipment correctly! You know that he even asked if we really needed micro filters in our phone sockets, or could we manage without them?!! :shock:

The ADSL Guide speed test is also a bit better as well:

Downstream 1866 Kbps (233.3 KB/sec) 2015 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 237 Kbps (29.6 KB/sec) 255 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Thanks for suggesting that I check if the satellite box is correctly filtered. Hopefully all we be OK again now! Cheesy