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No service, no altenative offered, any advice?


No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

Ever since I was moved last Thursday I've had no broadband access. Problem has been reported and chased but still no answer and still no fix!

To complete the experience got email yesterday saying:
'As part of our commitment to providing the best value broadband experience, we have now successfully moved your broadband service to our alternative broadband network.
You should see no change in your service and you don't need to change any
settings or your hardware, your broadband will simply continue to work as


The funny thing about this is that I'm paying for this as well!

Any body else have this? How long did it take to get fixed? Did you get a refund or an alternative free dial up service?

Service down due to PN upgrade..rubbish

You're not the only one on this I'm afraid! PN changed their broadband provider in my area, according to their comms and service status it all went honky dory....but my line ahs been down for 4 days now and so is my fater-in-law's down the road!!!!!...and I referred him to PN....hick!
Calls logged and chased...nothing just need to wait is the unhelpful and at times rude reply of the support team.

PN used to be v maybe it's time to look elsewhere.

Pls if you get anywhere can you let me know....what you did?


No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

It appears you just need to wait!

Fixed now, yipee :lol:


Actually at the stroke of midnight service 'normal service' resumed.


Same error occurred! Be warned.

Does any know the god of PN I can prey too?

Better still any recommendations for another provider?

No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

so far I seem to have had more luck....service was resumed yesterday night too, and so far it is still working!

Wish you luck....unfortunately no great advise...but you have my sympathy...not sure a great help though!


Broadband Connection

:!: I have had the same trouble connecting since weds 10/5/06 but it has resumed after 22.00 each night untill the daytime (more traffic?). No joy with the helpline and the new upgraded phone help just cuts out after annoucing 'you should find help on our web page'!

I presume it is all to do with the improved 8mb service, up until then I had no problem connection wise.

What was most galling was to be told if bt did a check on the line and their equipment was ok then I would be charged approx £52 for the service,it being presumed my hardware was at fault! Is this a scare tactic?

Today for the first time lately I am still on line 10.50 wed 17/5/06.

Fingers crossed no more crossed connections

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No service, no altenative offered, any advice?


Are you receiving any errors when your connection goes down? (IE, connection error messages, flashing lights on your modem/router)

You will not receive any refunds from the wholesalers (Tiscalli in your case) as no BB wholesaler provides an SLA (service level agreement) (including BTw) If the fault is found to be on the PN network then you may be able to try and claim a refund from PN, however is the fault is on your line between you and your exchange ( this is a BTw fault) or a fault with the equipment you are connected to in your exhchange(mainly a TiscalliW fault) then there is little chance of any refunds.

No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

Although no refund is available as standard, I have managed to sweet talk CS into giving me a refund in the past. In fact as I cast my mind back, I think I've had two - (two different accounts). After solving my problems, with a little persuasion PN were happy to push my billing date back, so I go the equivalent time free once it was working again.

Smile sweetly and be nice and who knows what you might get. Smiley

No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

I too have no connection whatsoever. Not even a signal to synch to!

I'm on day 2 and am really peeved. Anyone know the average time it takes to solve this?


No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

Good Luck!!!!! I have now had no service since 18th April, PN blame BT, BT blame PN, I have been charged 2 lots of months rental & another deferred reconnection fee, but still no Sync.

PN tried to suggest I would have to agreee to a #54 fee from BT if they attend my site and the problem is with my equipment, I agreed to this potential fee and now I have had heard and seen nothing for the last 48 hours......

I feel I have no option but to give up and order for a new provider.. who I feel confident would have this installed in about 7 days from initial order.


No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

Sorry to hear that. I must say that I've had no problems whatsoever with Plusnet over the 6 or so years I've been with them, but it seems that their decision to move customers to a new wholesaler has been taken rather lightly with no regard for the possible issues.

I'm of the mind 'If it aint broke, don't try and fix it'. I was happy with my £20 monthly fee and my 2mb connection speed, why oh why move my accountHuh

To add to that, I spent ALL DAY yesterday trying to get through to Tech support. finally managed to at 22:15 after trying from 8am and at 4p a minute that's a lot of cola bottles. After waiting so long I get through to Sales!! What the **** are they selling at 10:15 in the nightHuh He goes through a couple of text book questions, making out it's my hardware at fault and logs the fault. And now we play the waiting game.......

Time scale

My connection first went off midnight on the 10th and can back for a few hours on the 16th up until midnight again.

Nothing since.

No service, no altenative offered, any advice?

I've suddenly got a really sick feeling. I absolutely can't be without net access for so long. Seeing as the mail server is now inaccessible, all my mail will be bouncing. I wonder if business accounts are affected the same way??

Maybe I should shift.


This is really sad. I'm like many others, having intermittent problems. Also, I had no connection at all, twice, for 24 hours. Plusnet told me there was no problem.
I personally love being with Plusnet & hate the thought of migrating.
Please PN, just tell us that you have a problem & I for one would be patient.
Let's have some honesty. This is like having the governement as an isp!