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No line on Router Installation


No line on Router Installation

My exchange has been enabled & I'm awaiting activation. I thought I'd be prepared & install my:

'US Robotics Sure Connect Modem/4 Port Router model 9105'

After installation, the router reports 'No Line' & to check my telephone cable.

I have read many posts here stating that if my line is not yet activated then the ADSL green light will flash, my ADSL light does not illuminate at all?

Is this error message 'No Line' because my line is not yet activated or is it something more sinister which I should look into?
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No line on Router Installation

Ok. Try this :-
1. Pull out all phones and other divices from all phone line sockets in your house.
2. Plug a splitter/filter into your main socket and connect the broadband to the DSL/Broadband Port.
3. Connect the other end to your broadband router.
4. Reset your router to factory settings as per the instruction manual.
5. See if broadband works.

If that doesn't work, call PlusNet on 0845 1400200 and select option 3 for technical connection questions and they will give you more info and maybe submit a ticket on your behalf to BT.