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No e-mail out


No e-mail out

I can pick up my mail and have not changed my settings anyone got any answers as the help team have non.

I can't get to the bottom of this to the point that the customer service is now not that, and i have been waiting 5 days for an answer to a question the service has gone out the window.

I have now canceled my account so this will most probably be removed as it's bad press and the fact they are holding me to ransom with a tag on the line preventing any other provider supplying me is out of order in my opinion. Plus net expect me to have no e-mail for 4 weeks.. Cry

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No e-mail out

As you don't give any info about what you have tried I will go through the basics...

What error messages are you getting when you try to send out email - please post them in full?

You are using for the outgoing mail server and you have made sure you have not enabled 'my connection requires authentication' (or something similar depending on your email client) for the outgoing server?

Have you tried without any anti-virus, firewall or anti-spam software running - sometimes you have to uninstall it to stop it interfering. Norton IS and Zonealarm are culprits here as they still have an effect even when they are disabled?

Also re-enter all settings within your email client, don't assume if it looks right or I have not changed anything that it has not changed somehow. Re-enter to make absolutely sure.

No e-mail out

cant get the error message at the moment as it's all going through another server but tried all the above. the problem was all the connections were dropping internet browser and mail in and out i had no service for 5 hours when it came back mail came in and internet browser was working fine. But no e-mail out and no setting changes tried re setting every thing even disabled Firefox as i thought even that might be the problem.
having copied my errors and opening a Question with support the came back with after 3 days ''don't know what the problem is'' great i thought.

over the last 6 weeks i've had 8 approx full days of no service hence enough is enough..i can't go on with ¼ of my product not working and paying for it..

No e-mail out

looks like i've been hung out to dry 7 days and still waiting for an answer to my question and tried to call today but gave up after 35 minutes...

oh and i had not connection to web or incoming mail today from 8 am until approx 4pm when i arrived back home..

12/10 for service NOT