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No broadband on phone extension socket


No broadband on phone extension socket

After entering my phone number on bt web site I was told that I should be able to have a 1 Mb connection, so I signed up to Plus Net Home Lite 1 Mb product and had the email to say that my broadband is active. However I am using a BT voyager 105 USB ADSL modem and the DSL light only registers a DSL connection on the main BT phone socket which is in my small hallway and not a place for the PC. There are two other phone sockets which when connecting my modem to do not cause the DSL light to come on and the PC cannot make a connection. Telephones and a Skydigibox work on these other points. I then connected a 5 metre standard phone extension cable into the main socket to the PC in more accessable place than the hall but no DSL light came on. I have tested the modem on my friends PC and it works OK even when he sends his 2mb connection around the house (atleast 20 metres from his main BT socket.) I tried diferrent filters so can rule them out and also disconnected everything apart from the modem but can only get it to work when plugged into main phone socket directly with no extension.

Any suggestions please as with my PC where it is no body can get in or out of my house.

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No broadband on phone extension socket

I can't understand why just extending from the main socket wont work? especially if all other things are removed from the system.

What sort of socket do you have as the Main one?
Is it just a plain socket with just one output for a phone or is it one of the newer ones with a built in ADSL filter.?

No broadband on phone extension socket

Thanks for the reply. The main socket is plain one with one phone socket not one with built in filter. I have now tried two brand new phone extension cables from the main socket with no success but works every time when connected directly into main socket. Can I get my main socket moved to where I wish the PC to go? Has anybody else had a problem like this? Because the PC cannot stay near the main socket my upgrade to ADSL is worthless unless I can sort this.

Further info. Have tried a second modem ( a cheap Thomson speedtouch one admitingly) with same result!

Cheers Mat

No broadband on phone extension socket

Does you BT socket have a split / line about half way down it, if you remove this panel then try the same checks you've already performed but on the test socket.

How are the additional extensions connected? ie are they hardwired or connected to the front of the BT socket.

Do you know how far you are away from your local exchange? A small guess, is that the extensions cause your line to go over the threshold for ADSL and thus you cannot sync, but it's guess.

Finally all it not lost, I guess as a future consideration you could get a wireless router which can sit by your main socket,.

To be honest, I'm struggling to understand why it doesn't work. But if I come up with any further ideas then I'll post them.



I have sorted it. The extension sockets were hardwired from the main socket not off the front. I carefully disconnected these from behind the main socket and then ran the extension lead from the main socket to a more sensible place for the PC and I have sync. Also have phone plugged into filter on extension cable and have voice calls. Thanks for the replys johnessex and gadgetboy.

Re: Sorted

Were these hardwired to a set of junction points just behind the main socket as u unscrewed the front plate (so the u can see the test socket inside)?
Cus I have 2 lines hardwired to the main socket, they go up behind the front plate into the box (one cable goes upstairs but nothing is connected and one goes to the front room where the phone and Sky box are plugged in).
I currently have a 56k modem plugged in on a standard plugin extension from the main socket as i'm awaiting my ADSL to be activated (i've just moved house u see).

Hope its going to work! cant see what difference both having a hardwired and plug in the front cable can make?! :?

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No broadband on phone extension socket

Yes they were hardwired to the junction points just behind the main socket. I believe my extensions have been installed as a DIY job by a previous owner of the house and are not wired correctly (however voice calls did work on them before I disconnected them). So hopefully it is only my problem and you can have broadband on any of your sockets as most people can duckson.
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No broadband on phone extension socket

See UK Telephone Wiring for how they should be wired.

No broadband on phone extension socket

Hmmm well it wouldnt suprise me if mine were wrong tbh.

Reason i say that is that the previous owner of the house installed them and going by what i've found up to now i'd not bet against it!

eg the wiring to where they had the PC - the wire was spliced (yes the wires partly stripped and a new cable spliced into it and covered in tape) which ran off to the came off the phone wire which went upstairs. This wire to the PC then just 1m later was spliced again but left bare (it sparked when i found it!!!). Needless to say it cut it out and put my own extension in to the socket on the master socket. Even though its alot better (wow it couldnt be worse) i still get alot of dropouts on 56k...i'm thinking this hard wired wiring to the master socket might be causing it if its wrong and that could screw my ADSL when its enabled. :?

No broadband on phone extension socket

Well i've checked the hardwired extensions and the colour codes of the wires match up with Pete's telephone wiring link (i dont know about the other ends though).
So to eliminate the hardwired extensions as causing a problem i removed the front panel (so disconnecting the hardwired from the internal phone wiring) and plugged my extension into the test socket but it still dropped me after 20 mins or so (sometimes i can stay connected for 2 hours....its very random).
So its either
a) crappy Wanadoo Anytime dialup (hey I need net access till my 1Mb +net is up and running! Shockedops: )
b) crappy modem i bought till ADSL is enabled. Its a USB PCLine £10 job from Currys....and no its not on disconnect when idle! :lol:
c) something wrong with my extension...although it worked fine at my old address.

Guess i'll just have to wait until the ADSL is activated and see what happens. :?


Hi - my Plusnet starter pack was delivered Tuesday this week. I have my PC in a study. I have an extension running to that. This is plugged into the main socket in the hall. This extension works with both phone and dial up but would not work with BT Voyager modem. I was getting a message saying "no dial tone". I moved to the hall last night, after many attempts to isolate whether the fault was a faulty microfilter, modem, line not yet activated etc. It worked instantly!

Any ideas anyone. As I said, this is similar problem but almost reversed. This set up that does not work is plugged into the front of the master socket rather than hard wired.

The solution above was to remove hardwiring and move to plug in. Should I try the opposite?

The extension cable is nothing special - can't remember where I got it, but certainly not a specialist shop. Probably from B&Q or similar. It does go quite some distance from the main socket, passing through the kitchen and then reaching across to the far corner of the study. Could that be the problem? Is there more suitable heavy duty wiring I could use?

If I have to run another extension I will have a big problem as it runs under the floorboards and I have since installed laminate flooring throughout.