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No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!


No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

Despite tranferring from another adsl provider, Plusnet decided on the day we were due to be connected that our phone line couldn't carry adsl and didn't connect us. Needless to say they made a big mistake that has cost us dearly!

We have now been without adsl for nearly 3 weeks have spent in excess of 7 days on hold on the phone line trying to speak to customer services with no success and have no way of accessing our company emails.

I would like to thank all at Plusnet for the damage , loss of sales and profit they have caused us.

What a great broadband provider!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how long we will have to wait, the clock is ticking and according to our solicitors the compensation figure growing...

Many Thanks,

From a formerly thriving and successful company before discovering Plusnet.

No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

Its galling that you have been without a connection for 3 weeks, but I believe the decision as to whether a line can support ADSL or not is one made by BTW rather than PN.

Seperately, I'm not sure what compensation you are expecting, do you mean a refund of the fees you have paid whilst not connected?
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No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

>>What a great broadband provider!!!!!!!!!!! <<

Honestly, prior to all these problems they were one of the best.

Have your tried as a short term gap searching for a WiMax provider in your area?

You don't need a telephone line.

Just search for WiMax Provider and your area.

Good luck.

No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

Plusnet were well aware our phone line was analogue and already carried an adsl signal.

I'm assuming you're talking about BT when you say BTW? Either way, the point is: If BT said "this isn't an analogue line" or "this can't carry an adsl signal", Plusnet were well aware that it IS an analogue line and that it CAN carry adsl and they should have realised there was a mistake and corrected them and sorted it out there and then rather than wait until our connection date and then just not connect us.

They STILL haven't sorted it out, 3 weeks later. And they still haven't been in touch with us despite our repeated messages. Absolutely appalling.

No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

(BTW= BT Wholesale, the folks who own and run the network)

It sounds like you have hit the nail on the head!

If the line already has ADSL on it, the systems PN use will not allow them to place an order for activation.
It sounds as if PN have tried to get the line provisioned whilst there was still ADSL on it, which obviously won't work. The failing seems to be that the process hasn't been retried. I presume that the line you want to have your ADSL provsioned on is now clear of an ADSL marker?To check, follow this link and see if it gives you a message saying you already have ADSL. If it does, thats the same error that PN will be getting, preventing them from progressing your transfer.
If it doesn't there should be no reason why, with a bit of a prod via a ticket, they can't progress the order. (Unless it tells you you can't get ADSL on that line, which it shouldn't)

No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

Thanks for your help sallyandjames.

I have checked the link you gave us and it does say we have an adsl connection, but doesn't tell us who it is with. We are talking to BT right now to find out.

Our previous provider disconnected us two days prior to our Plusnet connection date, so if what you have said IS the problem I don't know how it's happened.

On top of this though, why didn't Plusnet tell us that this was the problem? They're exact words to us during the one conversation we have managed to have with them after literally hours of waiting was "this is an analaogue line" and "it can't carry adsl because it is an isdn (digital) line". This is absolute nonsence in itself, nevermind the fact that it blatently isn't the problem.

A Company with good customer service would keep us up to date with the facts. They have got it completely wrong and failed to update us with any correct information whatsoever, we're totally in the dark.

I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Thanks again for your help.

No broadband for 3 weeks thanks to PLUSNET!!!

Quote was "this is an analaogue line" and "it can't carry adsl because it is an isdn (digital) line"....

Although you can't name and shame the muppet that told you this, it may be worth a PM to James Bailey or Mand Beckett so they can carry out some "remedial training" (usually administered with a stick I believe...)

As far as the disconnection, I believe that the systems are run centrally by BTW to provide the info to ISP's, however this relies on each ISP submitting info a efficiently as possible.

Its lousy that PN's provisioning team didn't spot this as it was going through though, as you say, they've had three weeks, and had they told you within a day or two, it could be all sorted and working by now.

Hopefully now you have an inkling of the issue, you can ask direct questions as get there faster.