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No Data Transfer


No Data Transfer

I had my account go live on thursday 25th all setup went ok and was running great until 9am on Friday 26th when it just went off.

Currently i can connect and sync ok to my account but i get no data transfer or 0.8kbs bursts ever 10 - 45seconds. I can view websites providing they have little content like google, but unable to search. I can connect to adsl guide but it takes about 3 mins to load up.

I have made changes to the following:

2 routers
1 modem
3 filters
3 phone cables
1 pc
1 laptop

Seems anything i change makes no difference. ( Dial up is fine)

I have tried the main socket and test socket under the plate all is fine. Remember this connection was working fine for 12 hours prior to this fault.

Below you will find some screenshots using netmeter showing the burst of data.

ANyone with any ideas on this please shout out as i am a bit fed up to say the least, Plusnet tech support just relay to me to bt speedtest webpageand login but with no data transfer i am unable to test it, but they have no clue it seems.
Telephone support is a joke as you get cuttoff after waiting 30 mins and there is only so many times you can actually try before you want to ring the young ladies neck on how sorry she is for the delay.

Anyway take a look at these screenshots.