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Night Time Sync loss


Night Time Sync loss

Here are my stats in the daytime:

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 54
ReceiveMargin_dB= 7
RxOutputPower_dBm= 0
SendAttenuation_dB= 31
SendMargin_dB= 22

Sync rate of 3.5Mbps

Now at night here are my stats:

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 54
ReceiveMargin_dB= 6
RxOutputPower_dBm= 0
SendAttenuation_dB= 31
SendMargin_dB= 22

This is when i keep losing sync, I have a filter face plate and only use the master socket. That is right next to my PC, am using a speedtouch stingray usb modem.
Samknows says i am 3.45km straight line distance to my exchange.

Would a router help with over night connection? Would it get a better speed?
Is this router any good?

Thanks for your help.

Night Time Sync loss

I've never heard of that router, but usually any router is better than a usb modem.

My daytime stats:
d/s sync 4000
Attenuation 58-59.

Nighttime stats:
d/s sync anything from 3200 to 3780
SNR 0dB - 6dB
Attenuation 59dB

I used to have a binatone modem, and lost sync if I dropped below 5 dB. My attenuation was 63 dB then.

So I bought a netgear DG834Gv3, the adsl2+ version.
It can hold a signal down to 0 dB (but does lose sync when it goes to negative numbers). Because I have a poor line my attenuation is higher than yours. Until 5 weeks ago I had a 3000 kb/s bras profile, then something happened (don't know what) and now I lose sync a few times in the evening and my profile has dropped to 2.5, thanks to an hour or so of sync under 3424kb/s every evening. But my line stats are much worse than yours.

The two routers I know to have a reputation for holding sync on long lines are Netgear and Linksys, but I've had no experience with the Linksys. Any router is likely to be better than a usb modem, but I'd advise looking at one with a reputation for being able to hold sync at low SNR numbers.
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Night Time Sync loss


The picture they are showing on Ebuyer is the same shell as of a Netgear DG834(any version). Suggest you check out the spec to see if it is a netgear clone.

I have a DG834v2 and my stats go down in the evening as well with the occasional drop in sync.

Although for some reason today I have lost sync quite a few times, (but a router will bring the connection back up immediately), I have raised a ticket about this.

Generally, as stated by alawless,the Netgear holds it sync well and is easy to use.

Night Time Sync loss

I have found that the ebuyer modem is a Safecom SART2-4115, are safecom any good?

Its only £19.99 with 5 ports (non wirless) so i think i may give it a try. Will report back with my findings.