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Next Thing Plus.Net Might Do...

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Next Thing Plus.Net Might Do...


Entered a new ticket to Plus Net last night at just gone 9pm, but still no reply. Please continue to read as this could have a bigger impact then traffic shaping.

Just been reading the forums at

Can you tell me about this automatic cut-off that it is saying that you are doing...

Advertising a 24/7 product but announcing that automatic cut offs are now required (like dial up cut offs I assume) to help free up Plusnets resources.

Has anyone else heard anything on this? Will update you when I hear something new from Plus.Net on this matter.

Regards Ray
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Next Thing Plus.Net Might Do...

Applies only to Plus and Homesurf.
You'll be getting an email about it.
See elsewhere on today's forum posts.
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Next Thing Plus.Net Might Do...

Reply from Plus.Net...

Username dedwyddfa

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now escalated your ticket [number 17380394 ]
for further investigation/resolution.

The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxx,
The "time out" we are introducing is a disconnection after 30 minutes of the connection being idle (ie no sufing, downloading etc), what this does is decreases the load on our servers with connections that are doing nothing, this will increase the performance of the service.

You also will able to immediately reconnect, so this will not affect your everyday usage, ie if you are using the connection you will not be cut off


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Next Thing Plus.Net Might Do...

Just a point, you're not supposed to post CS names ;-)