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Newbie to Broadband


Newbie to Broadband

Help needed please.

Im new to broadband and have signed up with PN and currently waiting to be activated,
But unsure on this idle time out?

Basically if im downloading something that took longer then the alloted time which is (3o mins?) will my internet access disconnect if i leave my computer, sorry to sound stupid but dont really understand the answers ive found when searching.

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Newbie to Broadband

Dont worry - it is 30 mins of connection innactive - if you are downloading then your connection is active even if your pc is inactive. if you shutdown your pc and your line is then unused for 30 minutes it will drop the broadband connection so should not be a problem to a normal user.

Newbie to Broadband

Hi there.

Welcome to Plus net and the forums.

Firstly, the idle timeout only applies to the Broadband Plus Accounts and some of the old legacy products.

It does not apply to Premier or PAYG.

If you are on a BB+ account then it will only affect you if / when you are not using the connection.

If you are downloading, your connection is active and will not be subject to the timeout.

There is an option to de activate the idle timeout feature if required and at the end of the day, if you set your email client to pick up email, say every 20 minutes, your connection will stay alive.

All in all, it should not really be a worry.

Hope that helps a bit.

Newbie to Broadband

That does help a lot thanks for the reply to everyone.

Just worried if i set something to download i have to sit there constantly to keep the connection, thanks.