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Newbie problem with connecting


Newbie problem with connecting

I received my Solwise SAR900 Modem today after being activated yesterday and have set everything up correctly (i only have one line in my flat) without connecting my phone. Yet i cannot connect.

I receive an error:

Error 691: Access was denied beacause the username and/or password was invalid on the domain

I am definitely entering as my username and the same password as what i log onto this site with.

I have also tried entering bt_test@startup_domain with the password and managed to connect right away though i could only access the digitaldemo site.

Is there anything i am doing wrong??

I have also done the ADSL Test and it failed on the fourth test with 'RasDial failed with error 691'

Newbie problem with connecting

doh i should have put thought i now get an error 721 or something>?Huh