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Newbie - Question regarding Broadband Plus

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Newbie - Question regarding Broadband Plus

I have just signed up for 2Mb Broadband Plus *today* and having read some of the forum input re activation of account, I feel somewhat concerned.

Apparently if the 2Mb Broadband plus is applied for, Plusnet place and order for 2Mb irrespective of whether the line is capable of accepting 2Mb or not. ? According to some writers, if the line does not support 2Mb then BT will reject this order neccessitating a further order for example, for a 1Mb line thus increasing the delay in the connectivity period ?

Surely, as is the case with other ISP's, the line check would include a check to determine whether the line could support 2Mb in the first instance, before the order was actually placed Huh

For the record, during my search for a suitable ISP, I have been informed by no less than three other ISP's that my line will only support 1Mb !!!!!

Would any support staff care to comment Huh?