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Any ideas?

Just got ADSL

but it wont work on the phone extention in the dining room
The main line into the house is in a different room, so to plug it in to the main box as advised by plusnet (where it works fine) means the computer moving into the lounge with the TV, (No room)
not really suitable for the teenage kids!!

How do I get round this
Pay BT to move the mainline into the house
or can I buy USB extention line or something?
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Have you made sure you have microfilters on each of the telephone sockets in the house where a telephone is connected?

Failing that just buy yourself a normal telephone extension cable. Run it from your main box on the wall (master box) to where ever your machine is in the house. You can then buy the adapter to connect your phone extention lead to your modem.

Hope it works for you mate.

I'm sure someone else on here will help you further. Very useful forum and great support from these guys. Smiley

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Follow the wiring instructions in the link below and make sure the DSL filters and any phone doublers are wired correctly.

If the extension in your dining room is a DIY job, it may be wired incorrectly.
USB extension cables are available and expensive. I would also advise against them due to possible power problems. It is better to sort out your phine extension

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Thank you - it works! Cheesy
The diagrams were perfect for someone like me
All filters in the right place and phones working too
and the teenage kids music is now back in another room
:!: :!:
Thanks again for your help