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New to routers, help appreciated


New to routers, help appreciated


I've been struggling along for nearly 3 years on a 512k connection with a Plusnet supplied ZOOM USB modem Smiley

A few weeks ago I decided to pay to upgrade to 2mb premier. From that moment on I had random disconnections which was to say the least a tad annoying. After numerous tests from BT they came to the conclusion that a new modem/router would be a good idea.

And so I have purchased a Safecom router 4 port router: and so far (hold my breath) I have had no disconnections. Setup was really painless to, I was expecting a bit of brain racking Cheesy

To my questions - I take it that a router is always on?, my USB modem turned off or disconnected when I turned my computer off.

If it is always on as the ADSL light is always lit does this mean my line is 'open' (to hackers)?

Do I still need to run my zonealarm firewall or does my router have one built in, the instructions are sparse, if I do have one how do I know if it is on?

And finally is it possible to find my line attenuation with this router and if so how?

Sorry if these are basic questions but being new to it I just want to be sure Smiley
Thanks for any help, all appreciated
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New to routers, help appreciated

You can find support forums for safecom here , under the faq tab is a manual for the router firewall and the answer to most questions.
The router is always connected as long as it has power.
If the safecom is the same as my origo router which it replaced you can access the all the internal setups by entering into your browser.

Cheers Andy

New to routers, help appreciated

No you dont need to run zone alarm. When your PC is switched off nobody can do anything to your connection or computer because your pc is off. They can try probing your ports, but i wouldn't worry about it because your router has a hardware firewall so it shouldnt respond to anything unless you want it to.

If you go to this site will test your firewalls for you to let you know if anything is unsecure.

New to routers, help appreciated

yes you SHOULD run a software firewall as well, this will give you added incite into what is running on your lan, and what applications are trying to access the internet and network, withouth one, you would be blind. Yes a hardware firewall is included, however connect back trojans and worms go right through a firewall due to "piggy backing" on open ports and hoping that its a statefull firewall, as in, it is opening a port going out so data can them come back in, where a normal trojan tries to send data in and then recieve data back.

A software firewall, even though they can be cercomvented, will help stop this.


New to routers, help appreciated

Thanks so very much for everyones answers. Must admit it hasn't disconnected (yipee!) and I am enjoying every minute with this router as compared to the USB modem.

I have tried everything everyone has mentioned, including shutting down Zonealarm, I'm now going to restart it. Thanks very much.