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New routers / LDAP time outs


New routers / LDAP time outs

I've been on DSL with PlusNet for 2 months now, and 99 times out of 100, when I power up the router, there is an LDAP Time Out, and the router fails to connect by itself. So, I need to go into router config, go to the setting page, and save (without changing anything), after which the router manages to connect fine.

Someone posted somewhere a while back saying that this was a fault in the line that sometimes occurs, and that to get it fixed, you need to contact your ISP, while others have said its a problem with router.

Anyway, PlusNet are sending out new routers to those with the 3COM Office Connect 612 because apparently they have some problems. Would these problems be the same as what Im experiencing, or is it indeed a line error which I should contact PlusNet about?