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New modem solved by unusable adsl max due to low snr margin


New modem solved by unusable adsl max due to low snr margin

Like others here i went through huge problems since being moved to the max dsl product. Basically 8 days of no internet. My modem could not sync with the line.

I am on a line 3.5 km from the exchange, tested by BT at Line attenuation-45db, signal noise ( margin) 19.5db downstream. I had been on the 2mb service, getting anything from 700kb - 1.7 mb speed, but with a stable connection.

After regrade I could not connect with my ADSL nation X ethernet modem CE. I did a lot of research online thru my dial up which took hours. I came across 3 modems / routers that were recomended as being good for very low quality snr ( margin ) lines.

I bought the Westell 6301 ADSL ethernet Router from £49.00 + vat. Ordered it at noon, arrived by courier before 9 am next day. Set it up and voila internet access. It synched immediately. My line stats from the Westell system check are Line attenuation - 48db, SNR ratio ( margin ) - 5.1 to 7.0. My connection has been rock solid for the last 24 hours. My speed tested at 2.2 mb.

This modem also gives more accurate line stats than the X modem which was around 5 db off the mark, compared to BT test done in my home by the engineer. The Westell seems to be around 2mb off the true figures.

I got the help on the low line quality and the 3 adsl routers that help from-

Try my solution as it may well work, it is always good to have a 2nd router as back up and hey you could always return it does not help.

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New modem solved by unusable adsl max due to low snr margin

Unable to find any information on three good routers on that link.
Can you either advise models or provide a link

New modem solved by unusable adsl max due to low snr margin

Here is an extract from the link.

-Depending upon the severity there are different things you can try:-

- Routers are known to provide a more stable connection than usb modems and the purchase of an adsl router has done the trick for some.
The Netgear DG834 and Westell 6100 are 2 routers that have been known to maintain a more stable connection on a low SNR line. The D-Link DSL-G604T has also been reported* to successfully stabilise a low SNR line which was about to be declared as incapable of supporting adsl.

Hope it may help,


When we upgraded to broadband I bought the DG834 - it has been a wonderfull piece of kit and I have had no problems with it at all.