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New modem connection problems


New modem connection problems

hello everyone
Following previous advise I have a new modem so that it will work with SP2. It is a Dynamode M_ADSL_USB_CW and set up was trouble free.
The problem is that when connecting to it gets so far and then gives a 720 error. I would appreciate your help in solving this.
It must be the connection details somewhere, as the old modem on XP (without any service packs) works just fine.
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New modem connection problems

Error 720: No PPP control protocols configured.

Check your "Network Connections" properties.

Control panel>Network Connections>Dial up: Right click your modem and select "properties" >Click "Networking" tab and make sure TCP/IP is present and ticked. Also make sure "Type of dial-up server I am calling" is set to "PPP"

If this doesn't work, maybe running the "network setup wizard" could help?

*EDIT* BTW I just did a search or 2 for updated drivers for your modem, and came up with pretty much nought! :? Dynamode own site has your model "greyed out". Is it disscontinued? dunno. :?