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New customer with ISDN

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New customer with ISDN

Hi I was trying to get a customer and I think of got them however I need to
know he has an 64k ISDN - This needs to be taken out?

Whats the best thing to do here, best regards

New customer with ISDN

Inform the user there is a £50 charge for the removal of the ISDN/HH charged direct to the phone bill by BT. They must also be outside of the minimum contract period with BT, otherwise he will have to pay for all remaining months.

That is provided the user is on HH/ISDN.

As for the ordering process, click the "I have HH/ISDN" box during signup, and PlusNet will contact them regarding an appointment to remove the HH/ISDN unit.
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New customer with ISDN

1st Apply for ADSL.

2nd as part of the ADSL test/activation process, BT will then remove the ISDN equipment and do a line test. This removal costs £50 (VAT included) and appears on the customers phone bill.

If the line test fails, the ISDN equipment is restored and no charge is levied by BT and the ADSL is rejected.

If the line test succeeds (and it pretty much always will after 6th Sept when the new limits are implemented), the ADSL activation process continues and they should have ADSL within 7 -> 10 days (or sooner).

This is a fairly common activity and many users here have had the same thing done.