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New customer - connectivity issues


New customer - connectivity issues

Can anyone help, since PlusNet customer support seem to be unable to.

We recently moved to a new house (country village) and set up a PlusNet account. The line passed all the initial checks and according to PlusNet all was well. Hardware arrived and we tried to connect but modem spent an hour with a flashing light and unable to sync. I picked up the phone to call customer services and the minute I phoned out, the modem was able to sync. This carried on for a few days - modem would be unable to sync, we would place a call to any number and suddenly modem would be able to sync. Then after 3 days this stopped working and sync light just flashed. We decided it could be due to the line splitter we had downstairs - its very old - so we bought a new one. First time we tried it at the weekend the modem was able to sync immediately and we had 3 days of connection. Then, on Monday evening, same old problem again - modem unable to sync and the outbound phone call trick did not work. Tuesday morning, 7am modem able to sync. Tuesday evening modem unable to sync all evening until 10pm when suddenly it could sync again.

All very strange - we have tried changing filters as we had spares from our old house/connection and reinstalling drivers, all to no avail.

A theory is forming in my mind that we have poor line quality and that its only able to sync outside of peak times. PlusNet so far have been utterly useless - I struggle to get through to the call centre in the evenings (1 hour 15 mins to get through last Weds evening, engaged tone all evening on Thurs evening) and even when I did get through I was treated like a technology moron and asked if I had the modem connected etc. They tell me that their tests suggest that the line is OK.

I don't want to cancel my contract as I want Broadband. However, I believe that legally I will be able to cancel my contract if I choose, since PlusNet confirmed that the line can support Broadband whereas it seemingly cannot. If they wanted a legal battle over fit for purpose selling they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Has anyone any better ideas than PlusNet on what could be causing this?
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New customer - connectivity issues

You have to do it yourself round here I'm afraid.


Other bits and pieces on that site too.

New customer - connectivity issues

I've just had the free upgrade to 8mb and i'm having the same problem...7 days now with a s**t connection, took me 2 days to get an agent to realize that this was a fault, don't think they train the agents I had to explain to them how the IP Stream Max works.

well 7 days down the line and a support team that is, well just a waste of space...going to take them 3 days to get an enginner out to the exchange so this means 10 days with a s**t connection.

I gave up with them and asked for my MAC key better to move to another ISP where they know what the hell they are doing. PLUSNET is now in the same league as Bulldog and BTopenworld (BTYahoo) and many more.

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New customer - connectivity issues

only being able to sync during a phone call is normally either a filter or BTw problem.

If you are sure you have fitted your filters correctly, then raise a ticket to Plusnet saying you are only able to sync when PSTN calls are in use and can they please arrange for a phone engineer to check your line.