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New connection problems - and causes of.


New connection problems - and causes of.


On June 12 i setup a new acc. with Plusnet. It is still not connected yet.

On looking at their 'order tracker' i discovered that they discovered a problems when 'checking my line'.

Whats problems are these likely to be?

There was already a broadband account active at that house at the time. Would that possibly be why?

The other acount has now been terminated, so is it likely there wont be any problems if they try again now?

Also, has anyone got any experience of dealing with their 'customer support' - response times etc.

It concernrs me a little that their is no phone number i can ring...

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.



New connection problems - and causes of.

You can call them on:

0845 140 0200 (but be prepared for a long wait)


0906 709 0002 (but be prepared for a costly phone bill).


Just switched from Wanadoo and wish I hadnt

I Placed my order to swith to plusnet on the 7th June and provided the with the Mac code etc. It took until the 27th for them to activate my account. 12 hours after receiving an email telling me my sevice had been activated I swithed on my computer and found that my Wanadoo service was still working.(dont know whether this is normal) Any way tried to log on to plusnet without success and now have no connection. They have not replied to my messages I feel very very let down and dont know where to go next.

Regards Rob