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New connection No signal - help !!!!


New connection No signal - help !!!!

Have today just obtained my voyager 105 modem.

Have followed the instructions to the letter, & cannot get a signal. The voyager software just states 'no signal'.

The dsl light on the modem is not lit, its just the power light thats lit.

I have tried a normal phone on the line & i get a dial tone. My microfilters are connected. I have tried this with a direct connectiontion to the main bt socket into the house ( with microfilter ) & still no joy.

When i try to connect using my correct logon username & password i get a '680' error, i.e. no dial tone. My line is supposed to have been activated so i don't understand what is going on. It seems my BT line does not have a DSL signal.

Help please.

The 'contact us' mentions a possible admin charge if its found to be my equipment but i'm 99.9% certain it isn't me.

Anyone any ideas?

New connection No signal - help !!!!

Try without a filter into the main bt box as its not needed for broadband. If there is no light then it does suggest the line isnt active or the modem is faulty.

The no dial tone error suggest you are not dialing adsl often this is down to the adsl dialer trying to open another modem and very comman if you have had AOL on at some time or if you have a spyware dialer.

Remover all other dial up connections and modem(backup the details first so you can put it back) reboot and try again you shouldnt get a no dial tone error. Check for spyware. If all that fails if you could beg borrow a adsl modem and try that if you get the same error then the line is dead