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New capping limit

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Registered: 15-09-2007

New capping limit

It was an unpleasant surprise to discover that this month my account had a cap of 15G, especially as I wasn't informed of the fact. I just happened to discover it when I came to this site looking for information about the now useless speed increases.

I have a couple of queries about the results, especially the usage table.

According to this I have 44.45M of Broadband phone calls. Now the only thing I can assume is that this covers voice messages on Yahoo, because that is the only thing I do that could be remotely described as telephony. But then I see that I have 4.36M of off-peak usage listed, which is definitely wrong, because the Yahoo messenger audio is only ever used during the day.

There is also 490.57K of Usenet listed. I don't know whether this can be caused by normal web activities, but I don't use Usenet.

Although the amounts are only trivial, it worries me that there can be these anomalies on something so important.

Nice to see that the spam I receive on my email account will now actually do me real damage.

The best thing about broadband when it was first introduced was having a connection online all the time, and not having to worry about rationing your usage. It seems that we are going backwards, especially when those unfortunate customers of yours who go over your limit will be reduced to a speed not all that different from the old dial-up speeds.

Yes, I could pay you £40 a month to get back the peace of mind and not have to worry about whether or not I was exceeding your limits, but unfortunately I can't afford that much.

Actually, after being with you for a long time, I am feeling very disenchanted about what is happening. The question it boils down to seems to be: Do I resign myself to getting a crap service from you, or do I go to a provider of a crap service who will do so at a cheap price?

Not a good decision to have to make after four years of being very happy with you and recommending you to other people at every opportunity.

New capping limit

If you leave your PC up overnight 4.3MB sounds about right for the general noise (routing updates, misc data hitting your firewall etc) on an ADSL connection...