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New User Speed Query


New User Speed Query

Hi All,

Two days ago I got Plusnet ADSL in a very rural location (as soon as my exchange was enabled). It worked straight away, but only appears to be 1Mbit/sec.

I have a 3com Wireless ADSL router which reports:

Upstream Atten: 30dB
Downstrean Atten: 30dB
Upstream Noise Margin: 28dB
Downstream Noise Margin: 31dB

Actual data rate upstream 288Kbps
Actual data rate downstream 1152

So I assume I have been connected at 1Mbit/s rather than the 2Mbit/s I expected.

The BT engineer who did the install said my line results were "good" and that 2M should be OK.

Reading other posts, some of you seem to know what figures are "good" and bad. Do my reported figures (if correct) indicate 2M should be possible?

Second, the BT engineer said that I had been "contracted" for 1M service and to contact PN for an "upgrade". This seems odd when PN advertise that everyone will get 2M if it is possible? Any theories or explanations?

I have raised a ticket with PN and am awaiting a reply.

New User Speed Query

How far are you from the exchange. Id be intested to know. As im only 3km, yet i'm having to request a line test just to try and get meg.
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New User Speed Query

But what speed did you actually select when you signed up? If it was 1Mb then that will be the speed you get. The 2Mbs speeds are being done as part of a bulk upgrade by BT and are separate to any new activations.

If you have only be provisioned on 1Mbs then you will have to query it with PlusNet if you did originally ask for 2Mbs. If you did only request 1Mbs then you will either have to wait for your free upgrade or pay £14.99 to have the speed upgrade done now.

New User Speed Query

For nurserycottage, I am about 5 or 6 Km from the exchange. The cables run underground by the road for about 2Km and then on overhead poles across fields for the remaining distance. I have used ISDN for the last 7 years and about 3 years ago BT replaced a lot of the overhead wiring as I was getting dropouts. (Somebody suggested shotgun pellets embeded in overhead lines as a common problem).

Thanks for the other responses. PN have responded efficiently and say they will correct it for free. As a new user I should have been give 2M straight away (which is the current PlusNet product offering) but there has been a foul up in the ordering of my line which was a conversion from ISDN. I am not clear whose mistake it was. No matter, I am enjoying 1M broadband after so many years in the wilderness. 2M will just be icing on the cake.