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New USERS(and old?) TRY THIS


New USERS(and old?) TRY THIS

I use a Conextant PCI ADSL card (Jetway)on a Windows ME system. I have disabled the "log on to network" in START/SETTINGS/DIALUP NEWORKING/right click-PROPERTIES on the connection icon/SECURITY.....un-tick "log on to network" and connection times have been drastically reduced.

Also have MTU set to 1458 and RWIN set to 14180.
Again no problems here with speeds since these changes.(I used DrTCP( must reboot the system for changes to take effect)

All equipment to the phone line including your satelite system must be filtered?

Mine for example.....Master phone socket/3 way adaptor/ADSL splitter then fit a 2 way adaptor=phone/satelite//next I run an Extension from the 3 way adaptor to a spare room, this terminates in an ADSL slitter=Phone and computer( NOTE...I still have a cable length of about +30 feet to the computer? this was the shortest cable I could buy at the time?) this just proves that to much cable is not causing any bad effects on my system that I am aware of!!) If you are able to picture this set will notice that I still have a socket spare for ADSL at the master socket and also one spare phone socket on the 3 way adaptor? (would be easier to draw the layout?)

Hope this may be of help as it seems to be a common question or problem that arises when you first start using ADSL.
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RE: New USERS(and old?) TRY THIS

Just goes to show,
You should always reduce the amount of cabling in any phone system and use as high a qaulity cables as your budget will allow.
For best results don't use any phone junction boxes and wire your extension boxes in series.

Getting rid of Log On to Nwtwork will generally reduce the amount of time it takes to connect. As will unticking SPX IPX and Net Beui.