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New Speeds?


New Speeds?

Hi all

Sorry if this is a daft question.

When will we be getting the new speed of up to 8MB as my line can take upto 8mb, but i have not heard anything from PN


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Registered: 05-08-2007

New Speeds?

I been on 1mb since joining PN I was told to fill form in to get extra speed quicker but still nothing, I'm not sure what is going on once your upgraded with disconnection, I do know if you get speed on other sites your not cut off and one place you ain't is aol my friend got upgraded to 4mb on aol and he has never lost connection I know lot don't like aol but on connection after upgrade no problem, anyway if I'm not upgraded soon its goodbye to PN

New Speeds?

If you have registered on then you will be upgraded as soon as we possible can, at present we are still waiting for BT to confirm to us when we can start placing orders again.

But stopped the order process for all isp's due to the amount of faults being raised with the service hopefully we will be able to confirm when the orders can be placed again.

The actual time scale that was setup with BT when this began that we would have all our customers upgraded to max by September but we are still awaiting the full confirmation that this is the case after BT's temporary stop on orders I’m sure there will be a post when we have and update.