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New Pipe

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Registered: 01-08-2007

New Pipe

Hello Everyone,

Just read a thread saying that Plus.Net have not purchased a new pipe in the last year, but their customer base has gone up 28%. Don't flame me if these are wrong. However, it seems to me that Plus.Net need to buy another pipe given they have so much more revenue. So I have decided to do this poll...And wait for a response from Plus.Net.

Regards Ray
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New Pipe

PlusNet buy pipes based on when their network goes over a certain barrier they set (I think its 85% network usage). I agree with this method and feel PlusNet should buy a new pipe when their network reaches this and not before. If they buy it to early for example, they will have to increase member fees to fund it.

New Pipe

You might find the following interesting.

Kitz has produced some good detail on the hitory of PlusNet pipe activation, sizes and spare capacity HERE

A full 622Mb pipe remains unlit, and prepared to go into service.

As for a year since they installed a new pipe, this is far from true, also shown on the page.