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New Phone Line Required


New Phone Line Required

Hi there,

I'm with Plusnet and will be moving soon. I want to keep my existing connection with Plusnet and have another one at my new place. The place I am moving to is brand new and has a phone point. I want to activate the line so I can start up a new plus net account. BT say they need to charge me £74.99 as it is a brand new property (although all the hardware is there). If it was a property that had had a line activated before I would have been able to get it for free.

My question is, is there any way around this or anyway I can pay a cheaper connection fee?!

Please help.


New Phone Line Required

I'm not sure the charge just covers the activation of a new line. Is the line in your new house activated?

I have looked thought the guide of moving house, and sadly I can't see anyway out of paying the charge, since it makes no mention of whether the line is already activated or not.

If it is already activated, did you mention this Plus Net? as they may revise the charge. It's worth asking.


New Phone Line Required

Sorry, no way round the charge. Even though the builders have installed the internal wiring to obviate the need for ugly surface wiring, BT has to establish a connection from the property back to the exchange.

This would involve an engineer opening up a joint in a manhole near the house to establish a connection to a street cabinet.

From there, a cross-connection is made back to the exchange.

In the exchange, a cross-connection is needed to the exchange equipment.

When you add up the planning, exchange programming and engineers' control staff, it doesn't seem so bad!

New Phone Line Required

Thanks for your help all. It is a new property as mentioned so it has not been activated before. I have gone ahead anyway but spread the cost over 3 months.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.