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New ADSL wireless network - Problems


New ADSL wireless network - Problems


Well after months of waiting, ADSL came to my town and I can download content like a hose - its brilliant! However, I have a problem with sending e-mail. I am using Outlook and have tried to use Outlook Express as a work around. I have changed the SMTP setting to match plusnet. The e-mail test within Outlook works just fine and zero length e-mails are sent as normal but more substantial emails just get stuck in the outbox. I have tried to troubleshoot this with Plusnet. They are convinced that I have a firewall or virus checker problem. Here is a list of all relevent hardware/software that I am using

Athlon 2000 PC
Windows XP pro
Belkin Wireless router modem
Belkin wireless desktop network card
Outlook Express
Zone Alarms
AVG anti virus

Other (perhaps) relevent info:-

Email sticking occurs occurs whether I use the ethernet or wireless connection.
I cannot log into hotmail or my Bank web portal.
The emails are sent and I can log into the bank and Hotmail the moment I revert back to a dialup connection.

My guess is that I have the network setup incorrectly somehow, or that one of the firewalls (Belkin or Zone alarms) is causing the problem, though I have turned the firewalls and virus checker off in turn with no result.

Does someone recognise if I have a common-cause problem with the e-mail and log-in issues?




ps Posting this message was actually impossible via broadband. If you are reading this it is because I logged on via my dialup!!! What is the cause of this?

New ADSL wireless network - Problems

I have exactly the same setup (hardware) your problem may lie with Zone alarm as it may be blocking you wireless setup either that or AVG. Sorry can't be more help.
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New ADSL wireless network - Problems

The problem seems to lie with the Security side on the web pages so check that you are not blocking secure sites over the wireless.

You don't say whether you are using a standard wireless ADSL modem or Modem/Router. This will need to be investigated as the configuration of this unit will be blocking the access to the secure sites.