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New ADSL circuit


New ADSL circuit


I was looking for some help.

I have moved house in the last few weeks and paid the £64 to get my broadband moved (512mb circuit) to my new house.

The new circuit came on today as planned (thanks Plusnet).
When checking my setup etc I have noticed that my router is reporting the downstream as 1152kbps. I have reset the router a couple of times with the same result each time.
It never reported this speed in the past (it was always 576kbps).

Does this mean that BT have provided me with a 1Mb ADSL line?

If so can I get PlusNet to upgrade my account (I currently pay £21.99 unlimited) to take advantage of the extra speed.

Any help\advise would be great.


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New ADSL circuit

Yes, BT have provisioned your line at 1MB, this is because it costs PN the same to tell BT to provision the line at the fastest it can support as it does 512KB/s. It appears that PN are throttling your line at thier end if you ring CS tell them that you are syncing at 1MB and ask them to unthrottle your account they will flick a switch you reboot your router and you are now on 1MB. Cool