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New ADSL Not connecting - My Problem and Fix

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Registered: 28-08-2007

New ADSL Not connecting - My Problem and Fix

Just to let you know what stopped me getting my new installation up and running for a couple of days.

Got all the kit and was activated last Friday but could not get a connection in most of the house.

I tried the phone socket in the office (playroom) and a few others close by but no joy.

In the end I disconnected the extension wiring at the mater socket and connect directly to that. Sucess !!!!

I eventually tracked down the probelm and this is one to watch out for!

I found fitted on my system, inside the house, a BT80B-RF2 filter.

This is a small white box, I thought was just joining two cables together.

According to the web this is used to filter out radio interference from the MW Band. :?: So probably a low pass filter of some sort :?:

I do not know why it was there but I do remember the previous owner had a FAX machine and a DAX box on the wall outside to give him two phone lines.

I had the DAX box removed five years ago as soon as I moved in.

Now all works fine, in any socket in the house. (With ADSL filters).

:lol: :lol: :lol: