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hi i currecntly have 2 Pcs networked together but am now needing a router because i want a 3rd pc to connect to the itnneret.

2 Pcs are on the same workgroup and the other cannot be put on the same workgroup, if all 3 are connected with

can 2 of the Pcs share files ok? and all 3 connect to the internet ok?

Also it says wireless ready with a card brought seperatly, can 2 computers connect with cables and 1 laptop wireless? And is a card needed for the router AND for the laptop? or just one for the laptop, if so which card please?

sorry if im unclear because im not sure myself and i want to double check things before i buy anything.

Any advice appreiated please. im also open to suggestions of any other routers/ or setups i can use.



Because the router has a 4-port built-in switch, you can connect up to four PCs directly by wire (or more wired PCs indirectly through a further switch or hub). So your planned arrangement with your existing two PCs connected by wire is fine, although you may have to use a different connecting cable, because your present cable will be a crossover type to connect the two PCs together, and the router may require the use of straight-through cables for connecting PCs.

For your new PC, you could either use a wired connection, using the third of the four ports on the router, or you could use the wireless facility of the router.

What the Ebuyer site is showing for the router is that to make use of wireless connections, you need to add a wireless PC card to the rouer, and they show the use of the Linksys WPC11, in which case it's cheaper to take their offer and buy them together. You would also need a wireless card for the third PC.

The WPC11 wireless card uses the IEEE 802.11b standard, which to all intents and purposes is on its way out. You might want to look at the WPC54G card instead which uses the more recent IEEE 802.11g standard which will give you a faster network. You'd need to check the WPC54G is compatible with the BEFDSR41W router (I could find no reference to this router on the Linksys website, so it might be worth checking it is an up-to-date product).

The good news is, with this equipment, all three PCs could be in the same workgroup for file and print sharing. All PCs will have Internet access with no dependence on any of the PCs being powered up to provide Internet access for others.

A fair bit to think about! -- I hope all this is not too daunting!


thanks for the reply cleared a few things up for me.