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Networking the SAR 110


Networking the SAR 110

Hi there. I have just recieved the SAR 110. It took a little time to get it running but it works good. Just a small problem though. I have 16 meters of CAT 5e cable from down stairs to up stairs as straight through. It goes a bit like this:

modem>16 meter cable>hub (through uplink)>pc and mac (both straight through)

The problem is i get no connection. If i connect to the hub through the supplied cable it seems to work. Is my cable faulty or do i need a repeater?

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Networking the SAR 110

Can you ping the router from the PC or Mac when connect via the hub?


Networking the SAR 110

i can connect the pc to the hub which is connected to the router when using 1 meter cables. This works fine.

Networking the SAR 110

sorry i read your comment a bit wrong. i can't ping the router using 16m of cable but i can ping the router when using the supplied cable which came with the router.
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Networking the SAR 110

Faulty cable? 16M of Cat5 shouldn't really present a problem.

Mark :-)

Networking the SAR 110

Aha, that sheds some light on the situation.

First off, no you don't need a expensive repeater for such an inexpensive setup. Repeaters would only be used in a major office or campus environment. Normaly networks links will filter through the campus buildings fine. However, when one of these links dies, rather than runa at half capacity, a single cable (maybe several, but it is a group of cables then) is run from one end tt the other. Due to its length, the connection may need a repeater then.

The rule on ethernet cabling, is that you can't have any 2 device more than 100m apart. This means, 100m from rtouer to hub.switch, and 100m from computer to hub.switch, making a total length of no more than 200m from computer to router.

In which case, you are 100% fine.

Try perfoming the following (using your current 16m cable)

1: Unlug the router from the real of the hub/switch

2: Plug the router back in.

3: After 5 seconds, look at the status of the LEDs on the front of the hub/switch
a: If the LED is on, the cable is fine and looks to be somthing else
b: if the LED is off, change the position of the uplink switch/button if provided, and start from step 1

If the LED is off in both cases, then you should use a smaller cable, and take the rotuer to the hub/siwtch to try it.

If there is no button/switch on the hub.switch, then it either performs automatic detection, or has a dedicated uplink port. Check the hub/switch manual for this.

You may also wish to check if the router make a link (LED lights) when using a non-uplink port (This is providing they are not auto-sensing ports, in which case, they are all uplinks and normal (dual use)).

You should also perform the above checks on you computer and mac. However, try them on both the uplink, and non-uplink ports.

If the computers work in the uplink port, but not a normal port, then you are using incorrect cables.

If the rotuer functions on a smaller cable but not on the larger, it could be the following.
: Cable is split
: Cable has a short
: Cable has crossed pairs
: Cable has incorrectly wires boots
: Cable has cross wires boots
: Nail through the cable
: Cable not up to advertised rating

While a bit of a advert, I can supply cut length solid cable (fresh out of stranded), with connectors preattached. I use it regualy on both indoor and outdoor long length installs. I don't have a official price, but it would be a small per meter + processing and P&P charge.

Networking the SAR 110

Cheers. I think it must be the cable. I used solid core from maplin. I can't use cable with pre-crimped RJ45's because the cable has to go through holes in the walls.


Networking the SAR 110

You should check which cables you have placed into which parts of the plug.

If using a uplink hub, then you can follow this patter.

1: White with orrange
2: Orange with white
3: White with green
4: Blue with white
5: White with blue
6: Green with white
7: White with brown
8: Brown with white

The colours are said with the most prominant first. IE, "Blue with white" means the cable with more blue than white.

Networking the SAR 110

cheers guys the whole thing is working now. thanks for the valuable info.