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Network Optimizer

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Registered: 14-04-2007

Network Optimizer

Found this "Network Optimizer" on the ZEN ISP website, developed by BT, seems to have improved my surfing, pages now load a lot quicker, heres the link it may help, Cheesy
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Registered: 07-09-2007

Network Optimizer

OK, I don't understand:
Can someone explain how changing your MTU affects download speed differently for different users?

I could understand a maximum of a 3% improvement if the MTU is set to an exact multiple of the space in an ATM frame minus any extra headers, but I can't see how this can be different for different users.

The 3% comes from an MTU of 1500 divided by the number of data bytes in an ATM frame ( 48 ) = 31 ish, so trimming it to exact 30 frames will save a whopping 3% but surely no-one notices this different?


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