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Network Optimizer and Win98


Network Optimizer and Win98


Don't know how many people are still using Win98, but I think you should be aware that the NetworkOptimizer tool found on PlusNet's portal does not seem to work for Win98.

When I ran it, it only found one Network adapter, the DialUp adapter. So I proceeded anyway, but of course this made no difference to the DSL connection speed. I looked in the Windows registry to see what the tool had done and then manually applied the same to the DSL modem adapter (it had added a DWORD entry called "MaxMTU" set to 145Cool.

This had a nasty effect on my performance, pings and traceroutes looked ok but speed tests and d/l were down by about 40%.

When I checked further on the internet I found the issue:- For Windows 98, the MaxMTU entry in the registry should be of type String not DWORD.

Hence even if the tool had found my DSL adapter it would have added the wrong type of value.

For you tweakers out there, you should note that RWIN and MSS are both Strings in Win98 too. For more info see;en-us;158474

BTW, having now applied the MTU fix correctly I have resolved an issue I had with receiving POP mail from a non-PlusNet mail server (Virgin to be precise - it kept timing out).