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Network Card not in Winipcfg


Network Card not in Winipcfg

Hey guys,

This one has me scrathcing my noodle. I am setting up my first ever network at home and I have installed a Belkin NIC on two computers. On one computer it appears in Device Manager with an exclamation next to it. At first this was a conflict. When resolved the conflict it said that the device isn't working properly. Bummer.

On the second machine, with the same type of network card, it appears all nice and happy on Device Manager but when I go into winipcfg I don't get the option of selecting my network card. Also, when it will sometimes let me browse the Entire Network thing in Network Neighbourhood, but sometimes it won't.

I have the computers connected to a Belkin 5-port switch. I also have a Zyxel 652 connected to the switch.

Anyone know how I can solve this?

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Network Card not in Winipcfg

Check for updated drivers from the manufacturers website to get it working on the first machine. It sounds like they either didnt install correctly or you are running different OSs on the 2 machines, the second may already have relevent drivers.

Network Neighbourhood or whatever microsoft want to call it is sometimes a bit flaky especially in win98 so I wouldnt worry about it too much.


Network Card not in Winipcfg

Thanks for the reply.

After a lot of playing with it this evening I managed to get it to work. Not quite sure how to be honest. I had already tried the latest versions of the drivers from the website but to no avail. Then suddenly it was working and has been fine since.