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Netgear WGT624 and PPTP connections


Netgear WGT624 and PPTP connections


I have the WGT624 router at home and I am trying to connect to my office VPN server (Win2k Server RRAS PPTP VPN).

My client PC is WinXP Pro.

When I try and connect it times out after a minute or so (during Verifying User Name and Password) with the following error

Error 721 - The remote computer is did not respond

I have tried a multitude of settings changes (I'm an IT Pro - so I will have tried all the usual things - but as with any IT Pro we can miss things!!!)

For instance - I've tried putting my PC into a DMZ, switching between port forwarding and port triggering (which I know isnt really an issue because the client is behind the WGT624 not the server), changing RIP versions (and directions) etc...

Someone mentioned I should look at changing the MTU size - I dont have a full understanding of MTU sizes though (I know its set to the netgear default of 1500).

The netgear is connected to a d-link dsl-300g+ (ADSL ethernet modem).
I also have tried the NIC in my laptop and my WG511T wireless PCMCIA card connected to the WGT624 which both give the same problem)
I can make the PPTP connections fine when I use my USB ADSL modem connected directly to my PC.

Oh and both router and ethernet modem are running the most current firmware (new WGT624 firmware was release about a week or so ago).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Paul Adam
Aberdeen IT

Netgear WGT624 and PPTP connections

I heard that on a different model (614) setting MTU to 1400 throughout solved a similar issue.
Look at the sticky MTU tweak topic on how to change MTU
using DrTCP.
You should also change it to the same value on your router
via it's main set up page and also on the wireless card if
there is an option.
I don't think it's necessary to use the DMZ option, another
area is the firmware but you've already updated that.