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Netgear DM602 connection problem


Netgear DM602 connection problem

I have only recently moved to broadband, please excuse me if the answer to this question is obvious or has been covered elsewhere.

I have been using the Netgear DM602 modem to connect to my plusnet account for the past 7 days, suddenly monday morning I cannot gain access to the internet. Nothing has been changed on the computer or browser.

I have tried the FAO section and tried the test logins for BT, but again without success and from the same postings it appears that I may have a synchronisation problem.

I have contacted Netgear tech support, but they suggesting solutions, which I have already told them I have tried (restore factory settings, no splitter etc).

One thing that I have noticed is that the internet light on the front of the modem flashes green, even when there is no telephone line connected to the modem, it seems to me that this light should not be lit if there is no link to the ADSL line, and therefore the problem is the modem and not the line itself.

Can anyone advise me whether they have come across this problem before, or if it is possible to test the synchronisation from the modem itself (I am able to access the administration page for the modem through the browser).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Netgear DM602 connection problem

This light flashing is a sign that the modem is attempting to sync with the exchange.

In many cases, this light has three states. Off, flash and on.

Off: Nothing happening and no connection. Not all modems have this state
Flash: Attemtping to sync with the exchange.
On: Synced with the exchange

There is aone master test you can perform to see if your line will sync.

1: Locate the NTE5 master socket of the house

The NTE5 looks like THIS (note the horizontal line accros the center)

2: Undo the two screws on the front of this, and pull the lower half of the face forward and off.

Note: There may be some wires connected to the back of this plate, so do not pull too far.

3: You should see an inner socket towards the lower right corner. This looks like a normal BT style socket, without the shutter.

This can be seen in THIS photo.

4: Plug your ADSL modem directly into this socket. Wait upto 10 mins to allow the modem to attempt a good handful of attempts to sync.

If the light fails to go solid green, you should contact PlusNet support using the link:contact us system.

Problem solved

Thanks for the reply,

I did as you suggested and managed to synch straight away, the modem is now working perfectly again.

Netgear DM602 connection problem

So you now have the modem back back your computer and it has correctly synched and connected?

If so, it may be a possible internal wireing fault which re-occur.