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Netgear DM602 Modem/Router and WGT624 Wireless routers


Netgear DM602 Modem/Router and WGT624 Wireless routers

Hi There,

I've been having some fun getting the above two products to work together for DSL connection. I currently have the following configuration, DM602 set in router mode with DHCP enabled. I've connected the Internet Port to a LAN port rather than the internet port on the 624 and switched DHCP off on the wireless router. What I'd really like to be able to do it to switch off DHCP on the DM602, and setup the 624 to use DHCP with the address given out by plusnet ......

Anybody had any similar experience?


Netgear DM602 Modem/Router and WGT624 Wireless routers

I managed to do something similar with a DM602 and FVS318 but found that, if the power failed the FVS318 wouldn't then talk to the DM602 unless I manually reset the IP addresses again. Very strange. I'v ehad to remove the 318 for now.

One thing that might help - The web interface on the DM602 is very limited but if you get the latest firmware from Netgear you can use the CLI commands documented for the Solwise 110. I've set mine up that way and managed to get a lot more functionality (VPN etc.) to work properly.

Netgear DM602 Modem/Router and WGT624 Wireless routers

It's not clear dav1 ,if your able to use the WG624 routers firewall and other features to the full or you've set it up as a switch for the DM602.
I heard this was a bug in the DM602, in that you can only
use the ethernet connection in router mode which is pretty useless
for UK ADSL users who want a basic modem for their routers.
Apparently Netgear are working on a fix for this so you may
wish to enquire.
With wireless it's recommended to run the routers in a manual
configuration and turn DHCP off . This has cured instability
and disconections, improved performance for some users.
Also I think that for some models Netgears latest firmware sets
the default MTU to 1458 so it's recommended to set all your
PC's to this value aswell with DrTCP, alternatively ensure that any
value you manually set on your router is set the same on your pc.
With two routers or a 'Double NAT' situation another possible
way to set up is listed in the topic here discussed by Taskforce9.
With 'Double NAT' you can set one router in DMZ to
simplify port forwarding.

Netgear DM602 Modem/Router and WGT624 Wireless routers

Thanks dblogic and aleca.

The link you've shown does help and I've also found a link on adslguide that uses the Netgear 614 router in a similar fashion. The problem does appear to be that the WGT624 cannot be used in passthrough mode for PPPoA, as you state, not very useful for us poor old 'huckleberries' in Europe .......

I've got the setup working at the moment by using the wireless router on the same subnet as the DM602 with DCHP turned off on the wireless router and on on the DM602 usign a LAN port rather than internet port, but of course this is negating the benefits of the firewal,. This link here describes it all and basically uses a static IP address on the Internet port of the wireless, using the DM602 as gateway and with a change of subnet and DHCP turned back on. I'll give it a go with a few tweaks tonight .......

Thanks again.