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Netgear DG834GT connection


Netgear DG834GT connection

In the past year I have had 2 Netgear DG834GT routers (latest firmware) that both seem to have difficulty holding a connection to Plusnet. Have also tried a Zyxel router with similar problems.

What basically happens is that the connection is lost at random times of day even though the router status page still says that I am sync to my exchange. This seems to happen at any sync speed right up to 8Mb (which is achievable on my line). When the failure happens, it is impossible to regain connection simply by using the 'Connect' button in the Web Interface, you have to actually reboot the router i.e. force a re-sync as well.

The question is, could the router by lying when it says I am still synced, or could the problem be in attempting to authenticate to Plusnet?
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Netgear DG834GT connection

Have you actually upgraded the routers firmware recently. If so, did you do a factory reset to restore all the default settings AFTER the firmware upgrade.

Sounds like your SNR may be dropping too low causing the router to resync.

Have you got the idle timeout setting in the router set to never timeout? If not, do this as recovering from idle situations can sometimes cause the router to go funny.

Netgear DG834GT connection

Router's firmware is as delivered, and settings entered manually.

I've been running RouterStats recently (great program!), and my SNR is pretty stable, ignoring a gentle drop off overnight and increase by morning, as a lot of other people see. The point is that RouterStats shows that the router does not re-sync, I simply lose the bit of the connection beyond the exchange to Plusnet for some reason, hence I don't think it is an SNR issue. The irony is that a forced re-sync (via reboot) IS necessary to get a proper connection back.

The idle timeout is set to 0 (always reconnect).

Netgear DG834GT connection

When you say you loose connection what do you mean?
Can you not connect to the Internet if not how does it show up.Can you ping a ip address or a webpage?

If you have had several routers the chances are its not the router. Do you get an Event ID 4226 in the event log as this would account for it.

When it disconnects are you able to ping etc from the router its self? Do you run any p2p?

Xp only allows a few tcip connections and after that you wont be able to get out or download anything until a port is freed turning off the router would reset the connection and then it would work. If this is the problem there is a fix.

Netgear DG834GT connection

I've now had the problem with 4 different routers; 2 Netgears, a Zyxel and this afternoon for the first time with my original Plusnet supplied Solwise that I dug out for testing purposes.

The problem appears to be do to with CHAP authentication to Plusnet rather than sync to my exchange. All the routers report that they are sync, but the logs show that they continually fail to take the next hop and authenticate to Plusnet. The only way to reconnect is reboot them, simply hitting the 'connect' button in the web interface is not enough (the router is trying to do that automatically all the time at this point anyway).

As I say, I am confident that it is not a sync issue (and hence anything to do with my phone line) because the routers always report sync when I have the problem.

Is it possible I'm getting lots of stale sessions? This seems to happen several times per week and the fault appears similar to this one.
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Netgear DG834GT connection

acorns, i've been having very very similar problems to yourself the past few days. i'm sorry i can't offer anything constructive, but will let you know if I get anywhere.


Netgear DG834GT connection

acorns, when you check your stats what is the ES?
I have a similar router DG834PN and it is set to sync at an SNR of 6Db.
During the off peak times, it syncs at ca. 8200kbps but at this level, I have to many errors and it is difficult to get a connection especially at peak times.
I reset the SNR with 'adslctl' to ca 10Db and then I remain connected for weeks.
If the 'errored seconds'(ES) reaches 900 in 15mins that's 100% errors and you don't have a usable connection!

Netgear DG834GT connection

Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned though, the problem is not to do with sync to my exchange, but authentication to Plusnet, hence errored seconds and SNR ratios do not come into it.

The connection can be thought of as two separate hops. My house to the exchange (the 'sync' bit) and the exchange to Plusnet (the 'authentication' bit). Its the second bit that doesn't always re-establish automatically.

Even though the ADSL link is up at the time of the fault (the router tells me so), I find that I have to restart it (by rebooting the router) in order for the subsequent authentication to happen i.e. I cannot re-authenticate without also re-syncing (even though I have sync already!). I don't believe that it is a stale session issue either because I never need to wait for up to 60 mins for the old session to be flushed before doing any of this, it always works immediately.

I've recently dug out my original Plusnet supplied Solwise 1-port router and am testing this out as my 4th router used in the last 6 months!

Netgear DG834GT connection

I have just had the same problem today.
I was synced at just over 7000kbps but unable to connect to the internet.
The stats showed an ES of 900 and rebooting the router rectified the problem.
I have not had this problem for a long time and it may, as you suggest, be something to do with PN. In my case, I am running the RIN trial which cuts out some sections of PN.
I hope this is not the sign of things to come. I had trouble with PlusTalk not working yesterday and this may be related. The internet connection, however, was fine yesterday apart from PlusTalk.

Netgear DG834GT connection

Problem was repeated today and remedied with a reboot. Prior to yesterday, I haven't had problems for months and now 2 days running.