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Netgear DG834G - Wireless and Internet Connection Problems.


Netgear DG834G - Wireless and Internet Connection Problems.

From viewing the forums, it seems many people are experiencing problems with the DG834G, especially after upgrading to firmware version 1.04.01.

I have had similar problems for the last couple of months, but they seem to have been solved by using firmware version 1.03.07.

This version of firmware can be found at the following link:

This is an image file which should be flashed via an ethernet connection to the router. Do not upgrade wirelessly.

(Please note that this version of firmware is not available from the netgear website).

Here is the procedure that I followed:

1. Download the firmware image file and save it on your desktop. This PC should be connected to the router using an ethernet cable.

2. Remove the ADSL line from the router. Disable all wireless security features of the router such as WEP, WPA, MAC address.

3. Disable all other wirelessly conected PCs.

4. Log into the router using the ethernet connected PC and go to firmware/router upgrade and flash the new firmware.

5. Let the procedure complete and reboot the router when instructed.

6. Reconnected the ADSL line and then remove the power lead from the back of the router. (Do not switch off the router at the mains).

7. Plug the power lead back into the router, log in and reset wireless security features such as WEP and MAC address control.

8. You should now be ready to go.

With this firmware version, I have enabled MAC address control and 128 bit WEP, I have also disabled broadcating my SSID (Windows XP Pro on all PCs).

I have had no problems for 4 days now and before I used to get connection drops a few times a day. (I have not tried using the WPA feature).

I hope this helps to solve some of your problems.