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Netgear DG834 Firewall Setup


Netgear DG834 Firewall Setup

Can someone give me advice on how to set up the DG834 firewall to log blocked outgoing requests.

I've set up the firewall rules to let common outbound services through (HTTP, FTP etc) and set the log setting to Never for these rules. As my lowest priority rule I have a "Block always" rule for the complete port range (i.e. to block any outgoing services/ports I'm not expecting to be in use) but if I set the log setting to Always or Match then every outgoing request is logged.

What I'm trying to do is only log the outgoing requests that are not allowed through by the higher priority rules. Is this possible on the DG834?

Netgear DG834 Firewall Setup

from the menu on the left:

security -> logs put a tick in the "Attempted access to blocked sites"

security -> block sites -> add a few keywords e.g "microsoft" -> click "Apply"

security -> email "Turn E-mail Notification On" -> tick

send to -> your email address

outgoing mail server -> no need for authentication.

security -> email "Send E-Mail alerts immediately" -> tick the box for "If someone attempts to access a blocked site."

go to google and search for "microsoft". you should get a black page saying "Web Site Blocked By NETGEAR Firewall", and an email looking like this:

TCP Packet - Source:,2343 Destination:,80 - [BLOCK]


Netgear DG834 Firewall Setup

Thanks Sammi, but I'm not looking to block access to particular sites, sorry if my question wasn't clear.

What I want to do is block trojans etc from making outbound requests. I've therefore only "allowed" a few outgoing ports to be open with my final (lowest priority) rule being a block every port. My theory being that the higher priority rules will allow the services I want to use, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, FTP etc) and my last rule will block all others.

What I can't get the router to do is report when it blocks an (unexpected) outgoing service. If I set my final rule to report on a match it reports all outgoing requests (even HTTP etc), I only want it to report if none of the higher priority rules have matched.

Netgear DG834 Firewall Setup

You need a software firewall to do what you are asking.