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Netgear DG814 and port fwrd?


Netgear DG814 and port fwrd?


Ive got the netgear dg814, i wanted to know why when i try and port forward some ports to my lan computers it says the ports are overlaping and cannot port map these ports, I was mapping ports for 2 lan computers to use the same tcp port but different udp ones but couldb't do the second pc as the ports was overlaping, surely thats daft as i cant setup 2 computers now to use the same application? any ways around this please let me know?

thank you

Netgear DG814 and port fwrd?

This is not possible.

WIth port forwarding, the idea is to direct traffic to a specific destination in the LAN.

Directing it at two computers will not work. Only one computer can respond to requests at any one time. While one computer may be off, the router staill has the record stating it should farward the connection.

If you wish to use two comptuers like this, you will only be able to use one at a time, and change the settings each tiem you need it.

This is one downside of NAT.