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Need spome info


Need spome info

hi ppl i was wonderin if i am supposed to use internet explorer to connect toi the net wiv me adsl line cos thats what ive been using, shouldnt i be using ur isp to connect.

allso since having adsl i have experienced problems with almost all mp3 download sites such as kazaa, why is this and what free sites do u guys n gals use to download music.


btw. adsl is bloddy fast. dang

ps. u guys at plus net over the phone should cheer up a bit cos u al sound a bit moody ( probably cos ur underpaid)

RE: Need spome info


You can use any browser you like with us. You are not tied to using a particular brand in anyway. With regards to the speed question this is because you have the basic account (Home Surf) that does not support P2P connections (i.e Kazaa, E-Donkey etc). If you wish to use such programs I would suggest upgrading your account to the minimum Home Self Install pack @ £22.99 which does allow P2P.

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