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Need some help tweaking my setting etc!


Need some help tweaking my setting etc!

Ok I want to use P2P but only very infrequently, I am on XP I have Zone Alarm Pro as a firewall and I have the windows firewall turned off. My modem is a speedtouch 330, i have installed the dr speedtouch but when i run diagnostics it cannot connect to a website so the diagnostics stops at 27%, I have followed their way to correct this and that is how I am set up, and it makes no difference! Anyway Could one of u brainiacs help this numpty as its getting on my preverbials!! Thanks a lot!!!


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Need some help tweaking my setting etc!

Hi there,

I have successfully run a Speedtouch 330 with DR speedtouch in the past.
Have you made sure that you have given Zone Alarm PRO permission to allow DR Speedtouch access ?

Need some help tweaking my setting etc!

hiya thanks for the idea, did check it was fine had full access etc this is the message when i run it

Connecting to a Website Failed

Dr SpeedTouch was unable to reach a Website via HTTP.

This is typically due to an incorrect Proxy Server configuration. Using a Proxy Server is currently disabled.

Please make sure no Firewall or local proxy software is preventing Dr SpeedTouch from connecting to the Internet.

Verify your service provider installation instructions for Proxy Server configuration and press the link below to verify or reconfigure your computer's Internet Settings.
Configure or verify Internet Settings